Adopted School Board Polices




                        Absences (See Leaves of Absence or Students, Attendance)


                        Admissions (See Enrollment)


                        Annual Report (See District Records and Reports)


                        Architects                                                                                             7120PR


                        Athletics                                                                                               2920PRF


                        Background Employment Checks                                                         4120PRF


                        Banking Services                                                                                  3140PRF


                        Bidding                                                                                                 7210P


                        Board of Education

                                    Code of Ethics                                                                          0340P

                                    Committees                                                                              0360P

                                    Compensation                                                                          0350P

                                    Conflict of Interest                                                                    0342PR

                                    Financial Disclosure                                                                  0342PR

                                    Nepotism                                                                                 0342PF

                                    Practices, Statement of                                                             0311P

                                    Purpose and Roles                                                                    0310P

                                    Travel/Expenses                                                                       0351P


                        Board Elections

                                    Election Process                                                                       0320PR

                                    Filling of Unexpired Term                                                          0324P

                                    Oath of Office                                                                          0330P

                                    Officers                                                                                    0321PR

                                    Resignation                                                                               0323P


                        Board Meetings

                                    Agenda                                                                                    0411PRF

                                    Closed Meetings                                                                       0430P

                                    Electronic Meetings                                                                  0410P

                                    Firearms and Weapons Prohibited                                            0410P

                                    Minutes                                                                                    0420PF

                                    Notice of Meetings                                                                   0440PF

                                    Public Participation at Meetings                                                 0412P

                        Board Meetings (Continued)

                                    Recording (audio and video)                                                     0410PR

                                    Regular Meetings – Date, Time, Place                                       0410P

                                    Voting                                                                                      0411R


                        Board Communications

                                    Board/Staff                                                                               4830PR

                                    Community Involvement in Decision-Making                             1460PR

                                    Public Complaints                                                                     1480P

                                    Public Gifts to Schools                                                              1470P

                                    Relations with Law Enforcement Officials                                  1410P

                                    Staff Involvement in Decision-Making                                       4831P


                        Board Policy

                                    Adoption                                                                                  0510P

                                    Development                                                                            0510P

                                    Implementation                                                                         0510P

                                    Posting of                                                                                 0510P

                                    Review                                                                                     0510P



                                    Bond Revenue                                                                          3330PR

                                    Bonded Indebtedness                                                               3330PR

                                    Employee Surety Bonds                                                            3740P



                                    Fiscal Year                                                                               3111P

                                    Fund Accounts                                                                         3113P

                                    Implementation and Transfer                                                     3112P

                                    Monthly Statements                                                                  3112P

                                    Preparation                                                                               3110PR


                        Bus (See Transportation)



                                    School Year and School Day                                                    1210P


                        Certification Requirements                                                                    4120PRF


                        Child Abuse                                                                                         2710PR


                        Communicable Disease

                                    Students                                                                                   2860PR

                                    Employees                                                                                4820PR

                        Compensatory Time                                                                             4221PRF


                        Conflict of Interest

                                    Board Members                                                                       0342PR

                                    Employees                                                                                4840PR


Construction Managers                                                                         7130PR



                                    Certificated Employees                                                             4130PRF

                                    Construction                                                                             7210P

                                    Extended Duty                                                                          4131PF

                                    Extra Duty                                                                                4131PF


                        Copyrighted Materials                                                                          6243P


                        Corporal Punishment                                                                            2670P



                                    Adoption                                                                                  6114P

                                    At-Risk Student                                                                        6150P

                                    Design                                                                                      6113P

                                    Development                                                                            6110P

                                    Drug Education                                                                         6130P

                                    English as Second Language/ESOL/LEP                                   6180PF

                                    Gifted/Talented                                                                         6160P

                                    Guides                                                                                      6120P

                                    Planning                                                                                    6111P

                                    Research                                                                                  6112P

                                    State Mandated: American History                                            6115P

                                    State Mandated: Human Sexuality                                             6116P

                                    Vocational/Technical                                                                 6280P


                        Disaster Plans and Drills                                                                        5240PR


                        Disposal of Surplus Property

                                    Sale/Lease of Personal Property                                               3390P

                                    Sale/Lease of Real Property                                                     3380PR


                        Distribution of Non-curricular Publications by Students                          2170PR


                        District Status

                                    Identification Codes                                                                  0110P

                                    Philosophy                                                                                0200P

                        District Records and Reports                                                                1710P

                                    Annual Report                                                                          1520PR

                                    Annual Financial Report                                                            3420P

                                    Attendance Reports                                                                  3460P

                                    Custodian of Records                                                               1510P

                                    DESE Reports                                                                          1710P

                                    Educational Records                                                                 2400PRF

FERPA Requirements                                                               2400PRF

Health Information Records                                                      2410PR

                                    Public Access                                                                          1450PRF

                                    Research Requests                                                                  1440PRF

                                    Vandalism Reports                                                                   5280P


                        Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders                                                       2890P


                        Drug and Alcohol Testing                                                                      4871RF


                        Drug Free Schools                                                                                2640P



                        Drug Free Workplace                                                                           4870P


                        Due Process (Student)                                                                          2671RF


                        Early Childhood Education                                                                    6170P


                        Earthquake Emergency Procedure                                                        5240R


                        Emergency School Closing                                                                    4221PR




                                    Background Checks                                                                 4120PRF

                                    Benefits                                                                                    4510P

                                    Communicable Disease                                                            4820PR

                                    Conflict of Interest                                                                    4840PR

                                    Contracts                                                                                 4130PRF

                                    Employment Process                                                                4120PRF

                                    Excessive Absence                                                                   4310P

                                    Extended Duty Contracts                                                          4131PF

                                    Extra Duty Contracts                                                                4131PF

                                    Holidays and Vacations                                                            4330P

                                    Immigration Records                                                                 4110P


                                    Leaves (See this heading)

                        Employees (Continued)

                                    Overtime – Support Employees                                                4221PRF

                                    Professional Development Activities                                          4400

                                                (See this heading)

                                    Reemployment of Probationary Teachers                                  4140P


                                                Certificated Staff                                                           4710P

                                                Support Staff                                                                4711P

Retirement Compensation                                                         4550P

Salary Schedules                                                                      4505P

                                    Separation                                                                                4700F

                                    Supervision of Students                                                             2730P

                                    Suspension of Support Employees                                            4720P

                                    Transfer Requests                                                                    4210P

                                    Work Schedules

                                                Certificated Employees                                                4220PR

                                                Support Employees                                                     4221PR


                        English as a Second Language (ESL)/English for Speakers

                                    of Other Languages (ESOL)                                                     6180PF



                                    Children of Employees                                                             2230P

                                    Compulsory Attendance Ages                                                  2220P

                                    Effect of Prior Discipline                                                           2230RF

                                    Entrance Age                                                                           2210P

                                    Exchange Students                                                                   2250PR

                                    Home Schooled Students                                                         2280P

                                    Homeless Students                                                                  2260PR

                                    Migrant Students                                                                     2270PR

                                    Non-Resident Students                                                           2240PR

                                    Proof of Residency                                                                  2230RF

                                    Requirements                                                                          2200P

                                    Resident Students                                                                   2230PRF

                                    Transfer Students                                                                   2245P

                                    Unaccredited School Students                                                2280P

                                    Withdrawal from School                                                         2290P


Enrollment Following Suspension                                                        2664PR


Equal Educational Opportunity                                                           2110PR


                        Equal Employment Opportunity                                                           4110P


                        Equal Opportunity                                                                              1300P

                        Equal Treatment

                                    Students                                                                                   2100P

                                                Disability                                                                      2110PR

                                                Equal Educational Opportunity                                     2110PR

                                                Harassment                                                                  1300P


                                                Marital Status                                                              2140P

                                                Parental Status                                                            2140P

                                                Section 504                                                                1310PRF

                                                Sexual Harassment                                                      2130PRF



                                                Equal Employment Opportunity                                    4110P

                                                Gender                                                                         1310PRF

                                                Harassment                                                                  1300P

                                                Sexual Harassment                                                       4810PRF


                        Expulsion (See Students, Discipline)


                        Family and Medical Leave Act                                                             4321PRF


                        Federally Funded Programs

                                    Financial Management                                                              3130P

                                    Protection of Student Rights                                                      1610P

                                    Role of Grants in District Operations                                         1620PR

                                    Title I Grievance Procedure                                                      1621R

                                    Title I Parental Involvement                                                      1621PRF


                        Field Trips                                                                                            5660PR


                        Financial Management

                                    Accounting Procedures                                                             3410P

                                    Annual Financial Report                                                            3420P

                                    Audit                                                                                        3510P

                                    Authorized Check Signatures                                                    3430P

                                    Employee Travel Expenses                                                       3440PR

                                    Expenditures for Certificated Staff                                             3230PRF

                                    Inventory                                                                                  5410P

                                    Investment of Funds                                                                  3160PR

                                    Lease/Purchase Agreement                                                       5310P

                                    Payment of Bills                                                                        3150P

                                    Petty Cash                                                                               3120P

                                    Purchasing Guides                                                                   3170P

                                                Furniture and Equipment                                              5310P

                                                Preference for Missouri Products                                 5320P

Financial Management (Continued)

                                    Sales Tax Exemption                                                                3450PR

                                    Student Activity Funds                                                             3610P

                                    Vendor Relations                                                                     3170P


                        Firearms and Weapons

                                    At Board Meetings                                                                   0410P

                                    In School                                                                                 2620PR

                                    Prohibited (General)                                                                 1432P


                        Food Service

                                    Free and Reduced Price Meals                                                 5520P

                                    Management                                                                            5510P

                                    Restricted Categories of Food                                                  5530P


                        Fund-Raising Activities                                                                         3370P


                        Gifts to Schools                                                                                    1470P



                                    Early Graduation                                                                       2540P

                                    Requirements:   Students with Disabilities                                   2530P


                        Grievance Procedures                                                                          

                                    Disability Discrimination (Section 504)                                      1310R

                                    Eligibility for Section 504 Services                                            2110R

                                    Harassment                                                                              2130R

                                    Sex Discrimination (Title IX)                                                    1310R

                                    Sexual Harassment                                                                  2130R


                                    Staff Dispute Resolution                                                           4850R

                                    Title I                                                                                      1621R


                        Harassment                                                                                        2130PRF


                        Hazing                                                                                               2920PRF


                        Homebound Instruction                                                                      6275P


                        Homeless Students                                                                             2260PR



                        Hotline Referrals                                                                                   2710PR


                        Immigration Records                                                                             4120RF

                        Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)                                             6250R


                        Individualized Education Programs (IEP)                                               6250R


                        Inoculations of Students                                                                        2850PRF



                                    Employee Group Benefits                                                         4540PR

                                    Liability                                                                                    3730P

                                    Programs                                                                                 3710P

                                    Property                                                                                   3710P

                                    Student Accident                                                                      2840P

                                    Workers' Compensation                                                           4530P



                                    Adult                                                                                        6510P

                                    At-Risk Students                                                                      6270PR

                                    Challenged Materials                                                                6241PRF

                                    Controversial Issues                                                                  6242P

                                    Copyrighted Materials                                                              6243P

                                    Evaluation of Programs                                                             6410P

                                    Gifted/Talented Students                                                           6271P

                                    Homebound Students                                                               6275P

                                    Homeless Students                                                                   6273PR

                                    Instructional Time                                                                     6210P

                                    Migrant Students                                                                      6274P

                                    Preschool                                                                                 6272P

                                    Religious Issues                                                                        6242P 

                                    Students with Disabilities                                                           6250R


                        Internet Usage                                                                                      6320PR



                                    Instructional Materials                                                              5420P

                                    Outside Use of Equipment                                                        5440P


                        Leaves of Absence

                                    Bereavement                                                                            4320R

                                    Family and Medical Leave Act                                                 4321RF

                                    Jury Duty                                                                                  4320R

                                    Sick                                                                                         4320R

                                    Military                                                                                    4320R

                                    Personal                                                                                   4320R

                        Leaves of Absence (Continued)

                                    Professional                                                                              4320R

                                    Requesting Leave Procedure                                                     4320R


                        Library/Media Services

                                    Selection of Materials                                                               6310PR

                                    Challenged Materials                                                                6241PRF


                        Limited English Proficient (LEP)                                                            6180PF


                        Manifestation Determination                                                                  2672PR



                                    Administration of                                                                      2870PRF

                                    Self-Administration of                                                               2870PRF


                        Migrant Students

                                    Admission                                                                                2870PRF

                                    Identification                                                                             2870PRF

                                    Instruction                                                                                6274P


                        Military Leave                                                                                      4320R


                        New Teacher Assistance Program                                                        4411PR


                        Overtime                                                                                              4221PRF



                                    Deductions                                                                               4520P

                                    Deduction Authorization                                                            4520P


                        Performance Evaluation

                                    Certificated Employees                                                            4610PF

                                    Support Employees                                                                 4620P


                        Personnel Records                                                                              4860P


                        Pledge of Allegiance                                                                             2180P



                                    Duties                                                                                       1730P

                                    Employment                                                                             1730P

                        Professional Development Activities

                                    Conferences and Travel                                                            4420P

District Committees                                                                  4430P

                                    In-Service                                                                                4410P

                                    New Teacher Assistance Program                                            4411R

                                    Professional Development Committee                                       4411R

                                    Professional Leave                                                                   320PR


                        Promotion and Grade Retention                                                            2520PR


                        Reading Levels and Retention                                                               2520P


                        Reduction in Force

                                    Certificated Employees                                                            4740PR

                                    Support Employees                                                                 4741PR


                        Religious/Controversial Issues                                                              6242P


                        Religious Expression                                                                            1110PRF


                        Reporting Child Abuse                                                                        2710PR


                        Reporting Violent Behavior                                                                  2673PRF

                                    Reporting Third Degree Assault                                               2673P



                                    Proof of                                                                                    2230RF

                                    Waiver of Proof                                                                        2230RF



                                    Certificated Staff                                                                       4710P

                                    Support Staff                                                                            4711P



                                    Authority to Tax                                                                       3320PR

                                    Bond Guidelines                                                                       3330PR

                                    Building Usage Fees                                                                 3340P

                                    Fees and Fines                                                                         3350P

                                    Gifts                                                                                         1470P

                                    Proposed Tax Rate Hearing                                                      3320R

                                    Sale/Lease of Real Property                                                      3380PR

                                    Sale/Lease of Personal Property                                                3390P

                                    Tax Anticipation Notes                                                             3331P

                                    Tax Sources                                                                             3310P

                                    Tuition Revenue                                                                        3360P


                                    Building Security                                                                       5270P

                                    Emergency Conditions                                                              5241P

                                    Eye Protection                                                                          5211P

                                    Hazardous Materials                                                                 5210PR

                                    OSHA                                                                                     5260P

                                    Reporting of Accidents                                                             5230PR

                                    School Bus                                                                               5220P

                                    Use of Tobacco Products                                                         5250P

                                    Weather, Earthquake and Fire Preparedness                             5240PR


                        School Facilities

                                    Architect Selection                                                                    7120PR

                                    Asbestos Response                                                                  5110P

                                    Bidding                                                                                     7210P

                                    Capital Improvement Responsibility                                           5220P

                                    Community Use                                                                        1420PR

                                    Construction Manager Selection                                                7130PR

                                    Educational Specifications                                                         7110P

                                    Energy Conservation                                                                 5130PR

                                    Hazardous Conditions                                                               5110P

                                    Inspection and Board Acceptance                                             7220P

                                    Preventative Maintenance                                                         5110P


                                    Site/Facilities Retirement                                                           7300P

                                    Student Group Use                                                                   2940PR

                                    Use of Tobacco Products                                                         5250P


                        Searches of Students                                                                            2150PF


                        Sexual Harassment

                                    Employees                                                                                4810PRF

                                    Students                                                                                   2130PRF


                        Special Education Evaluators                                                                6250R



                                    Academic Achievement

                                                Promotion/Retention                                                     2520PR

                                                Student Grades                                                            6450P



                                                Activities and Athletics                                                 2920PR

                                                Distribution of Non-curricular Publications                      2170PR

                                                Publications                                                                  2910PR


                                    Activities (Continued)

                                                Student Group Use of Facilities                                    2940PR



                                                Absence from School                                                   2310PR

                                                Closed Campus                                                            2630P

                                                Early Dismissal Precautions                                           2330PR

                                                Part-Time                                                                     2320PR

                                                Records Maintenance                                                   2310PR

                                                Truancy                                                                        2340PR


                                    Automobile Use                                                                        2650PF



                                                Arrests                                                                         2160P

                                                Behavioral Expectations                                                2610PR

                                                Bus Misconduct                                                            2652P

                                                Corporal Punishment                                                     2670P

                                                Damage to School Property                                          2654P

                                                Detention                                                                      2660PR

                                                Dress Code                                                                  2651P

                                                Expulsion                                                                      2663PRF

                                                Gang Membership                                                        2653PR

                                                Hazing                                                                          2920PRF

                                                Hearings                                                                       2671PRF

                                                In-School Suspension                                                   2661P

                                                Interviews                                                                     2160P

                                                Reports of Violent Behavior                                          2673PRF

                                                Return from Suspension                                                2664P

                                                Searches                                                                      2150PF

                                                Students with Disabilities                                              2672PR

                                                Suspension                                                                  2662PRF

                                                Use of Alcohol                                                            2640P

                                                Use of Drugs                                                               2640P

                                                Use of Tobacco                                                          2640P

                                                Vandalism                                                                   5280P

                                                Weapons Possession                                                   2620PR



                                                Directory Information                                                    2400PRF

                                                Disclosure                                                                    2640P

                                                Educational Records                                                     2640P

                                                FERPA Rights                                                              2640P

                                                Health Information Records                                          2410PR


                                    Records (Continued)

                                                Parental Access                                                            2400PR

                                                Research Requests                                                       1440PF

                                                Student Cumulative Record                                          2400PR

                                                Transfer of Records                                                      2290P



                                                Distribution of Noncurricular Publications                      2170PR

                                                Equal Educational Opportunity                                     2110PR

                                                Harassment                                                                  2130PRF

                                                Interrogations                                                               2160P

                                                Legal Age                                                                    2120P

                                                Marital/Parental Status                                                 2140P

                                                Nondiscrimination                                                        2100P

                                                Pledge of Allegiance                                                     2180P

                                                Religious Expression                                                    1110PRF

                                                Removal from School                                                   2160P

                                                Searches                                                                      2150P

                                                Use of School Facilities                                                2940PR



                                                Accident Insurance                                                       2840P

                                                Administration of Medication                                        2870PRF

                                                Assessment and Referrals to Outside Services              2815P

                                                Do Not Resuscitate Orders                                           2890P

                                                Guidance and Counseling                                              2810P

                                                Health Services                                                             2830P

                                                Physical Examinations                                                   2880P

                                                Psychological Testing                                                    2820P

                                                Self-Administration of Medication                                 2870RF


                        Students with Disabilities

                                    Change of Placement                                                                2672PR

                                    Cost Limitations - Evaluations                                                   6250R

                                    Discipline                                                                                  2672PR

                                    Evaluation                                                                                 6250R

                                    Evaluators                                                                                6250R

                                    Extended School Year                                                             6250R

                                    Identification                                                                            6250R

                                    Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)                                 6250R

                                    Individualized Education Program (IEP)                                    6250R

                                    Instruction                                                                                6250R

                                    Manifestation Determination                                                      2672PR

                                    Placement                                                                                 6250R

Students with Disabilities (Continued)

                                    Services                                                                                   6140P


                        Student Teachers/Interns                                                                       6220P


                        Substitute Teachers                                                                               4150P



                                    Authorized Representative of Board                                          1720P

                                    Compensation and Benefits                                                       1722PF

                                    Contract                                                                                   1722PF

                                    Evaluation by Board                                                                 1723PF

                                    Qualifications                                                                            1720P

                                    Responsibilities                                                                        1720P

                                    Termination                                                                              1722PF


                        Surrogate Parent                                                                                   6260P


                        Suspension (See Students, Discipline)


                        Suspension of Support Employees                                                        4720P


                        Termination of Employment

                                    Administrators                                                                        4732PR

                                    Probationary Teachers                                                            4730PRF

                                    Permanent Teachers                                                               4731PRF

                                    Support Employees                                                                4720P



                                    Statewide Assessments                                                           6440P

                                    Test Security                                                                           6260P



                                    Complaints about Instructional Materials                                   6241PRF

                                    Instructional Materials                                                              6240P

                                    Selection of                                                                              6230PR

                                    Student Usage                                                                          6231PR


                        Title I                                                                                                   1621PRF


                        Title IX                                                                                                1310PRF



                                    Bus Drivers                                                                              5610P

                                    Bus Inspections                                                                        5640P

                        Transportation (Continued)

                                    Bus Routes and Schedules                                                        5630P

                                    Driver Drug Testing                                                                  4871PRF

                                    Field Trips                                                                                5660PR

                                    Private Vehicles                                                                        5661PR

                                    Records and Reports                                                                5650P

                                    Safety                                                                                       5220P


                                    Special Use of Buses                                                                5670P

                                    Student Eligibility                                                                      5620PR


                        Veteran’s Day (Teaching About)                                                           6115P


                        Visitors to Schools                                                                               

                                    Board Members                                                                       0311P 

                                    Parents and Patrons                                                                  1430P

                                    Conduct                                                                                   1431PR


                        Volunteers                                                                                            1425P



                                    At Board Meetings                                                                   0410P

                                    In School                                                                                  2620PR

                                    Prohibited (General)                                                                 1432P


                        Wellness - Student                                                                                2750PR


                        Work Permits – Student                                                                       2720P


                        Workers’ Compensation                                                                       4530P

January 2006